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Trainer Information and Availability

We will provide trainer information as provided by the trainers for our members to review and contact at their convenience or need. The club is neither endorsing or promoting any of the trainers listed here. We wish to have trainers names and information available to our members who can then decide which trainer or trainers would be best for them and contact the trainer or trainers directly.

Announcing Pickleball Training in Brunswick Forest, Eileen Kalish IPTPA Level II Certified

Eileen Kalish


Eileen Kalish is a member of the USAPA for approximately 6 years and is certified by the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA), and is Certified to  teach level 3.5 players and below.  She has been teaching pickleball for the past 3 years in Brunswick Forest and in the greater Wilmington area.   With a passion for the game  (has won numerous tournaments  (gold medals), and has placed silver and bronze in many others, she has an acute eye for ALL LEVELS OF PLAY.  Her teaching style is to introduce the skill of the lesson, demonstrate the skill, explain the skill and DRILL.  Her goal is for you to hit numerous balls until you get the feel of striking the ball with correct mechanics.  The last half hour will be game play  with positive reinforcement.  
For more information or to sign up, please call…732-539-3102…you will spend your time learning the game and mechanics RIGHT, feel confident about your game, and have a GREAT (FUN!) experience in the process.
Look forward to hearing from you and helping to make you a BETTER player, and MOST IMPORTANT, show you how to have fun in the process!

Jesse Simon offering training classes at the HOP. Haven’t yet met Jesse Simon?

Jesse Simon


Jesse Simon is a 5.0 level pickleball player residing in Leland, NC. He is sponsored by Paddletek and Real Time Pain Relief for tournament play. Simon is an IPTPA certified pickleball coach and Head Pro at the HOP . He played collegiate tennis at Fairmont State University from 2001-2004. Simon tried pickleball for the first time in 2012 and was immediately hooked.

Here are a list of some of Simon's recent accolades in pickleball:
§ 2018 US Open Silver in 5.0 Mens Singles
§ 2017 US Open Bronze in 35+ Mens Doubles
§ 2017 Powerade State Games Gold in 35+ Mens Doubles

In addition to coaching pickleball, Simon is a National Board Certified Teacher with 14 years of teaching experience in the classroom. If you are interested in having lessons or attending a clinic, visit here to learn more.

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Glenda is cerfified by both IPTPA and PPR to teach novice players the game from the beginning.  If you are new to the game or want to improve some of your skills, consider reaching out to Glenda via email at or phone at 571 233-3388. Please leave a mesage on the phone as she may be instructing or playing during your call.