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Tuesday Night Round Robin

We have begun our theme nights which include Ladies, Men's, and Mixed Pairs Nights!

We have recently modified the Round Robin format by grouping players by level of play on our other nights. The Dill group (level 2.5) are grouped to play five games with a different partner for each game. The Hot & Spicy (3.0 level) and Jalapeno (3.5 + level) groups are placed in groups of 12 players. Each player in the group is randomly paired with a partner (usually by drawing cards) and will play five games with the same partner against each team in their group. This has been a fun and competitive event providing members with an opportunity to play with people they may not normally play with.

Saturday Morning Skatter Day

Because our Skatter Day competitions have been so popular, we have begun scheduling "bye" weeks for each level of play. Invitations to sign up will be sent out each Sunday and will specify which groups will be participating that week. Players are randomly placed in groups of four players (usually by drawing cards) and each player will play one game with each player in their group. Scores will be recorded after each game and totaled after all three games are played. Players will then be regrouped based on total scores and will play three more games with each player in their group.

Registration for Skatter Days will be  through Click on the link to the right. Signups will be open each Sunday and close on Fridays at 12:00 p.m. You will receive confirmation of your participation and time slot on Friday evenings.

Shark Challenge

This event is for our 4.0/advanced players and are offered at  specified times (TBA). Players sign up with a partner, and teams compete against each other for bragging rights. These games are organized similar to our Tuesday Round Robin format. After games are played against each team, a final playoff game is played between teams finishing #1 and #2 and also for teams finishing #3 and #4. Many members turn out to watch these very competitive games, as they are very exciting!

Cape Fear 3.0 Inter-Community League is back!

Club members playing in the Hot & Spicy/Intermediate Level (3.0) are welcome to sign up for participation in the Cape Fear 3.0 Inter-Community League this Spring, 2020. Matches between communities are played once a week (usually on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings), and each match includes Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. Games will begin the week of March 2 and will run for seven weeks.

Brunswick Forest is in the South Division and will play home and away games against Waterford, St. James, and Oak Island. There is a limit of six men and six women on each team, and names will be drawn by lottery. Players can sign up at the following link:

We are in need of two captains for the team, so please indicate on the SignUp if you are interested in being a captain. Names will be drawn on February 10, and team practices will be held the weeks of February 17 and 24. 

[Note: There will be a 3.5+ League starting the week of April 20, and a separate sign up notice will be sent a few weeks prior.]

Please feel free to contact me at 443-824-4683 or if you have any questions. Cathie Carpenter, BFPC Programs Committee Member

Please note we plan to have a member of the BFPC Programs Committee monitor each of the above events. Please feel free to reach out to any of us with any questions or suggestions.   

Members of the Programs Committee are:

Cathie Carpenter 

Bob Galik

Thomas Powell

Dean Sefrin

Cliff Simpson

Bill Welsh

Storm and Rain Policy

For the safety of all players, the Brunswick Forest Pickleball Club will postpone and/or cancel an event or program when there is lightening within a three mile radius, when it’s raining, or when the courts are wet. We will try to notify players by email two hours in advance of postponement or cancellation. 

Sometimes we are in the middle of an event or ready to start an event when rain and/or lightning starts. All members shall abide by the decision of the board or programming representative to cancel the balance of the event for the safety of our members.

You are free to play on the courts at your own risk if a club official or representative has cancelled the event.