BFPC Programs

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SkatterDay Saturdays began Saturday, February 23, 2019

Tuesday Round Robin  begins February 19, 2019

Inter-Community Play - As posted and determined by availability of other Community

To register for SkatterDay, Round Robin or any competition underway, click the link to the right:


Tuesday Night Round Robin

The Programs Committee has planned “Ladies Night” as our first Tuesday Night Round Robin on February 19!  The following Tuesday, February 26, will be themed for “Men’s Night.” Periodically, we plan to change Tuesday Night Round Robins from the traditional Random Mixed Pairs format depending on player participation and feedback. Due to these format changes, the pickle prize has been eliminated. 

Below is the schedule for Tuesdays through March:

February 19 - Ladies Night March 12 – Random Mixed Pairs

February 26 – Men’s Night March 19 – Choose Your Partner Mixed Pairs

March 5 – Random Mixed Pairs March 26 – Random Mixed Pairs

Registration for Round Robins can be made through under the link “BFPC Tuesday Night Round Robin” or through the BFPC Website under the link “BFPC Programs”. Signups will open each Wednesday morning and close on the following Monday at 5:00 p.m. Notice of your participation and time slot will be sent out on Tuesday mornings.

Saturday Morning Skatter Day

Saturday Morning Skatter Days begin on February 23! We will be introducing some new programs occasionally which will include “King of the Court” and “Round Robin Fun Day.” More information about these programs will be provided before signing up. Below is the schedule for Saturdays through March:

February 23 – Skatter Day March 16 – King of the Court

March 2 – Skatter Day  March 23 – Skatter Day

March 9 – Skatter Day  March 30 – Skatter Day

Registration for Skatter Days will be  through -  click on the link to the right. Signups will be open each Sunday and close on Fridays at 12:00 p.m. You will receive confirmation of your participation and time slot on Friday evenings.

Please note we plan to have a member of the BFPC Programs Committee monitor each of the above events. Please feel free to reach out to any of us with any questions or suggestions.   

Members of the programming committee are:

Walt Corliss 

Joanne Levitan 

Jeff Sheetz 

Shelley Wheeler

Darlene Levine 

Alex Piscitelli 

Cathie Carpenter 

Alan Warner


For the safety of all players, the Brunswick Forest Pickleball Club will postpone and/or cancel an event or program when there is lightening within a three mile radius, when it’s raining, or when the courts are wet. We will try to notify players by email two hours in advance of postponement or cancellation. 

Sometimes we are in the middle of an event or ready to start an event, when rain and/or lightning starts. All members shall abide by the decision of the board or programming representative to cancel the balance of the event for the safety of our members.

You are free to play on the courts at your own risk if a club official or representative has cancelled the event.