Upcoming BFPC Events

2020 Social Gatherings

Mark your calendar for these upcoming socials!

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Bagels, Breakfast, and New Member Drive

Fitness Center Patio and Courts

9:00 am till Noon

Let's Play Pickleball!

Area Tournaments


2020 Tournaments 

Following is information on some of the tournaments our members have provided us information for. If you want to see more tournaments locally or nationally, click here for the link to  https://www.pickleballtournaments.com/tlisting.pl?sublist=Y&selyear=2020 

Dink for Pink

January 20-26, 2020 at THE HOP

Online info and registration: https://www.houseofpickleball.com/dink-for-pink 

Also, you can call R. Holloman at 910-352-1658.

NC Cupid's Clash

Formerly called "March Madness" February 14-16, 2020

To register go to:  https://www.pickleballtournaments.com/createaccount.pl 

Club Weekly Calendar of Reserved Courts for Members


While certain times on the schedule are not as crowded, it is still a courtesy to limit your time on each court to one game of 11 at a time. Once that game is over, please exit the court to allow another group of four the opportunity to play. And if there are people who are not adhering to this, do not be afraid to say something -nicely- so that play is equitable to all.

                  Quick Summary

At BF Fitness Center Courts:

  • Monday and Wednesday mornings, 8-10 am, Drop-in for Intermediates and above on all courts     
  • Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 8-10 am, Drop-in for Beginners on Courts 1 & 2 on Tuesdays; Courts 3 & 4 on Thursdays
  • Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 8-10 am, Drop-in for Intermediates on Courts 3 & 4 on Tuesdays; Courts 1 & 2 on Thursdays 
  • Friday mornings, 8-10 am, Drop-in for Intermediate and above on all courts  
  • Sunday mornings, 8-12 am, Open Play for all players 

At Cape Fear National Courts (CFN):

  • Tuesday Evenings, 5-9 pm, League/Round Robin play
  • Wednesday Evenings, 5-9 pm,  Social play, all levels 

Club Socials

The BFPC has a calendar of socials for our members. Most of these socials involve open court play at the Fitness Center courts, as well as a lot of social time. While not all dates are set in advance, we want to give you an idea of what to expect for the year.


Sunday, February 23, 2020

Bagels, Breakfast, and New Member Drive. Fitness Center Patio and Courts from 9 am till Noon.


Wednesday Night Social Drop-In 

at CFN Courts

Kicked off in 2019, we will continue the Wednesday night social drop-in events which will occur the first Wednesday of each month from 5-8 pm at the Cape Fear National Courts, from late spring through October. Following our pickleball play (no later than 6:45 pm), we encourage participants to gather for a burger or appetizer and a drink at the Forest Restaurant. The patio will be open and available, so we are looking forward to a fun evening of pickleball, food and drink!