About BFPC Membership

Our club is open to all Brunswick Forest residents who like to play pickleball and socialize with fellow picklers. You may choose to play socially at the scheduled drop-in hours, reserve a court time for you and your partners to play on your own, or play competitively at organized events. 

Brunswick Forest is fortunate to have two sets of pickleball courts. Four courts are located near the tennis courts at the Fitness and Wellness Center  and are available to reserve or just drop in to play every day after 10 am, except Sunday. Courts at the Fitness Center may be reserved by contacting the Fitness Center, or by accessing “ReserveMyCourt” on the web. There are also six courts available at our Cape Fear National Courts (CFN). CFN courts cannot be reserved for personal use and are available for all residents (club members or not) any time after 10 am, except for Tuesday and Wednesday evenings between 5-9 pm and Saturday mornings between 7 to 8 am-Noon to 1 pm; these times are reserved for specific BFPC events.


Join or Renew Membership

BFPC membership costs $20 per year for an individual and $30 per year for a family. Membership runs from January 1 to December 31 of each year. Membership dues are reduced for the half-year rate as of July 1 through October 31, where membership dues are $15 until the end of the year for an individual and $20 until the end of the year for a family. To become a member, complete the registration form and waiver and make payment. Your application is not complete until all parts have been completed and payment is made.