2020 Board Members

Secretary: Barb Brostrom - secretary@bfpickleball.org

Treasurer: Debbie Watkins - treasurer@bfpickleball.org

Vice President: John Lafakis - vp@bfpickleball.org

President: Jean Hamilton - president@bfpickleball.org

Programs: Cliff Simpson - programs@bfpickleball.org

Competition: Anthony Piccillo - competition@bfpickleball.org

Communications: Sher Coromilas - communications@bfpickleball.org

Board Meetings

Members of BFPC are invited to come to any board meeting. Because the board meetings are usually held in a board member's home, we request notification in advance if you wish to come to a meeting. If enough members plan to attend, then an alternate site will be arranged to accommodate the numbers.

BFPC Bylaws

The BFPC Bylaws were updated in 2018. See the updated version below.

Bylaws, Updated 5.21.18 (pdf)


BFPC Board Positions

Vice President

Vice President oversees all social events and creates a social committee to help in the planning and execution of these events throughout the year. Vice President automatically becomes President the following calendar year.


Treasurer manages the checking account, provides a yearly budget for the board, along with a monthly accounting of all funds to the board. The treasurer accepts all membership payments and works with Communications to keep membership list up to date. Treasurer may set up a committee as needed to complete work.


Programming Director maintains the programming registration and all programs offered to our members, along with establishing a committee to assist in the planning of programs as well as oversight.


Competition Director oversees any instructional classes offered to members, as well as club equipment at courts and at club social events. Competition Director may set up a committee as needed to complete work.


Communications Director maintains the club electronic registration and membership lists, as well as all electronic communication between board and members. Communications may set up a committee as needed to complete all work.


Secretary takes minutes of all board meetings, reminds board members of meetings, and keeps a log of all board items pending and completed.


President oversees board meetings, setting dates as needed, sets forth any ad hoc committees as needed, and ensures that all programs and general club activities are followed in accordance to the bylaws.

Board Meeting Minutes

Board minutes may be downloaded to read at your leisure or read in the blog post at the bottom of the page.

2020, January Minutes (pdf)


2019, December Minutes (pdf)


2019, November Minutes (pdf)


2019, October Minutes (pdf)


2019, September Minutes (pdf)


2019, August Minutes (pdf)


2019, June Minutes (pdf)


2019, April Minutes (pdf)


2019, March Minutes (pdf)


2019, February Minutes (pdf)


IRS EIN 35.2631148 BFPC (pdf)